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Terry Srokose, DC,CSCS

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“What you have given me I will never be able to repay.  Almost 10 years ago I was driving home from work when a drunk driver ran a red light and totaled my car.  The doctors told me that 5 disks were damaged and 3 would never be the same again.  They said it was just as if my neck had accelerated degeneration to that of an 80 year old woman and that there wasn’t anything they could do for me.  Since then I have lived with pain so bad I was taking 13 Ibuprofen a day just to keep functioning.  That is until I met Dr. Srokose.

With the relief you have given me I have been able to do much more than simply function and I no longer need to take 13 Ibuprofen a day just to get by.  You provided relief and showed me how to strengthen the surrounding muscles in order to keep the pain at bay.  Your tag line claims that you “help maintain your frame”; well you have done that for me and so much more. I will always have you as a valuable part of my wellness team and would highly recommend you to anyone who was suffering from an injury or just wanted help maintaining their frame.
Thank you for giving me back my life.”

B. B.
Life Coach
April 3, 2009

“I went to a chiropractor for a year and a half for a problem with my sacroiliac joint.  I got some nice massages and back adjustments but never was the source of the back pain explored.
Starting at my first visit with Dr. Srokose, the actual cause of the pain was addressed.  You worked with the muscles in the leg, hip, and lower back which makes perfect sense to me now that I know those muscles were pulling on the hip and causing the joint problems. After 13 visits, I can safely say that the problem is corrected.

I want to tell the whole world how well I feel and what a great job you have done!”

G. U.
Computer software trainer

“Dr. Srokose treated my shoulder, the true problem area, rather than only cracking my spine the way other chiropractors did in the past.  He has given me a group of exercises so that I can continue to improve my posture and muscle tone, working toward eliminating the source of a problem I have had for over twenty years.  I have every confidence in him and have been amazed at his expertise and professionalism.”

S. O.
Telecommunication sales
March 23, 2007

"As a certified personal trainer I understand the importance of keeping my clients and myself not just healthy but functioning in peak physical condition. On top of keeping the skeletal muscles tone, strong, and flexible making sure that joints are articulating correctly during exercise can be overwhelming without the expertise of a well trained professional in performance related injuries.

That's why I was pleased to meet Dr. Brian Looney at the Advanced Injury Treatment Center in Bedford, New Hampshire. It didn't take long of taking the time to get know Brian and visit his facility to realize that when it comes to understanding the importance of including proper skeletal muscle conditioning along with optimal spinal care Dr Looney gets it.

That's why I do not hesitate to refer not just my clients but also myself or anyone interested in optimal physical performance to Dr. Brian Looney at the Advanced Injury Treatment Center for professional, no nonsense, cost effective, and complete injury treatment."

T. P.
Certified Personal Trainer
Fit True;
April 27, 2010

"Thank you. You have no idea how happy I am. I never thought I would ever run again. EVER. I run slowly, but I run and I love it and hope I will never take it for granted."

A. M.
March 22, 2010