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3 Ways to Reach Your Goals!

Private, Semi-private, and Small Group Strength Training

Program Description

Whether people are coming out of physical therapy, want to increase their energy levels, run their first 5K, lose 10 pounds, be stronger and more confident, or improve sport performance, we will help them reach their goals with strength and performance training.

Our training sessions are designed around the individual’s needs and goals, and to improve motivation, accountability, fitness results, and overall health for people of all experience levels.  Small groups consist of no more than 6 athletes at a time, and private (one-on-one) and semi-private (total of 2 athletes) sessions are also available.  All training sessions are by appointment only.

**For more specific details and pricing for our small group, semi-private and private training sessions, click HERE.

What People Are Saying

Thanks again for inviting me to AITC for training.  I was one on one with Kyle at 8:00 this morning and it was great!  He was awesome to work with and gave me some pointers that I definitely needed.  As you know we as fitness and health professionals, are always taking care of others.  I think it will be beneficial for myself, mentally and physically, to take time to focus on myself.  Kyle has a huge amount of knowledge and I am always wanting to learn more.  Thanks again!  ~ Jen S.


I have been looking for a way forward after being plagued with a number of physical challenges. I met Kyle at my 1st training session on Sat.  Kyle was so knowledgeable and encouraging. I believe I have found my path forward to the physical fitness and stronger me I want to be! ~ Michelle A.

Why you should train with us

  • Coach tailors training to each individual’s needs as our small group, semi-private and private training are all  designed around YOU, and also improve motivation, accountability, and results.
  • We take the time to make adjustments, improve technique, educate you, and provide the motivation that people need and want to continue to train and achieve their goals.
  • Our coach works with a team of PT’s and Orthopedic doctors to ensure your safety and that the training is the very best and specific to you.

Kyle Arsenault, CSCS ~ Strength Coach

Kyle Arsenault, CSCS is a strength and conditioning coach and human performance specialist, author and former intern of the renown Cressey Performance.

After graduating from Keene State College Kyle completed his internship with Cressey Performance and went on to become the head performance coach with Momentum PT and Performance Training in Milford, MA, where he specialized in combining principles of efficient movement systems with strength and conditioning to create results oriented programs for athletes and clients both in person and online.

Kyle’s philosophy stems from his belief that true human performance and happiness needs to be all encompassing. For that reason he has written a book entitled The Other 23 Hours which describes everything that can be done outside of training in order to obtain the body, performance, and life you want.

When Kyle isn’t coaching, researching or attending live seminars, he loves to write, read, train, stay active, and interact with others to help them achieve a life built upon a healthy, strong and high performing body.

His passion for human performance enhancement, both in the athletic and recreational world, allows Kyle to live everyday doing what he loves to do, and gives him the tools to best help serve the athletes and clients of AITC.

To learn a little more about Kyle, his philosophy and story, and to find more of his blogs and articles published on sites such as,, and more, visit The Athletic Way and follow him on Facebook.

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What our patients are saying about us


  • Thank you. You have no idea how happy I am. I never thought I would ever run again. EVER. I run slowly, but I run and I love it and hope I will never take it for granted.
    A.M. Client
  • ...I would highly recommend you to anyone who was suffering from an injury or just wanted help maintaining their frame. Thank you for giving me back my life.
    B.B. Life Coach
  • I received treatment from Brian for hip and leg pain.  Having moderate degeneration of the head of my femur, PT helped relieve pain and improved my strength and balance.  Brian is an excellent PT.  He is very supportive, patient, and reasonably demanding.  He explains things well and is caring.
    E.T. Client
  • To this day I'm not sure what motivated me to go to that first session but; that one session was all it took!  I was in awe of Kyle's knowledge of movement and his ability to connect with his clients.  His passion and kindness made it easy to trust him.  I SLOWLY started moving again....Strength training, core strength and conditioning, with proper form, is the main focus.  I have been challenged and pushed by Kyle and I have learned a great deal.
    Today it is 14 weeks since my diagnosis, 11 weeks since I started working with Kyle and I can't imagine my life without him.  I would still be lying on the couch had I not shown up that first day.  I am so grateful for Kyle and I know that with his guidance I will be back doing all the things I love!
    K.L. Client