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Fall is in full swing here at Advanced Injury Treatment Center (AITC), where we specialize in physical therapy, sports chiropractic, strength and performance training and massage therapy.  We have been serving Bedford NH and the surrounding area for over 15 years.  AITC provides individualized treatment programs to relieve pain, increase function, and help our clients move better, and feel better.

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AITC Review

A Client Testimonial. Shawn's experience with AITC and The Athletic Way!

A Client Testimonial  At AITC we are constantly working on providing the total approach to rehab, performance and overall fitness. As a result, the AITC and The Athletic Way teams collaborate and provide services for our patients and athletes including physical therapy, sports chiropractic, massage therapy and strength and performance training. Recently one of our athletes has experienced physical therapy, …

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Ciropractic Care with Dr. Pete Viteritti, M.S., D.C. at AITC


Musculoskeletal Care 

Successful treatment outcomes rely on an accurate diagnosis, it all starts with a functional evaluation process.  As a sports medicine specialist, we develop a detailed diagnosis that is structure and dysfunction specific.  First determining what structure is involved (muscle, tendon, ligament, disc, nerve, bone, joint capsule, labrum, meniscus).  Then determining the dysfunction, or what's gone wrong with that specific structure (adhesion, weakness, degeneration, tear, fracture, inflammation, entrapment).

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Physical Therapy at AITC with Brian Looney, DPT, DC, CSCS

Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Tips

Dynamic warm ups and static stretching are both part of injury prevention before and after activity. A dynamic warm up before activity uses stretches that are "dynamic," meaning you are moving as you stretch. Dynamic stretching is ideal as the core of a warm-up routine for several reasons. It activates muscles you will use during your workout and improves range …

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AITC and The Athletic Way's Monthly Lecture Series

Metabolic Resistance Training:

Thursday November 16th at 7:00pm at our AITC office at 82 Palomino Lane, Suite 501 Bedford, NH.  


Strength Training at AITC with Kyle Arsenault and The Athletic Way

The Athletic Way

Fitness & Performance

FUN!  MOTIVATION!  RESULTS! 3 Ways to Reach Your Goals! Private, Semi-private, and Small Group Strength Training Program Description Whether people are coming out of physical therapy, want to increase their energy levels, run their first 5K, lose 10 pounds, be stronger and more confident, or improve sport performance, we will help them reach their goals with strength and performance training. Our training sessions …

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Therapy Designed for You


Who Gets Muscular Therapy at Therapy Designed for You?


TDFY has called AITC “home” since 2005.  In that time, we’ve treated a lot of people for a lot of reasons.  But who?

Did you know that our current youngest client is an 16 year old ballet dancer?  We also have college athletes in hockey, basketball and cross country.

The youngest person ever treated in our practice was a 12 year old nationally ranked gymnast.  While very flexible, his hamstrings, calf muscles and quads held on to tension in the muscle belly making groin and other muscle strains a high possibility.

Did you know that our current eldest clients are 90 and 92 years old?  Seriously, they’ve been married longer than I’ve been alive!!  Receiving therapy helps keep their lymph system flowing, aids circulation in the lower legs and feet and keeps small muscle tension/adhesions from becoming uncomfortable muscle knots.

Our other clients are all over the board in between 16 and 92.  Their fitness levels vary from starting Couch to 5K type of programs, to being ultra marathoners.  From preparing them for surgery by releasing adhesions and tight muscles to helping them recover for hip, knee or shoulder replacement, breast cancer mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries to open heart surgery.  We treat 20 somethings to baby boomers who like to be active and want to move freely and without discomfort.

Sometimes the most humbling work is helping a client through a major life event whether they are battling cancer, dealing with the loss of a spouse, a job or accepting a diagnosis.  This is when we really treat mind, body and spirit (though there is a piece of that in every treatment).

This is a really broad spectrum.  One thing they all have in common is the interest in feeling better and the willingness to perform self-care, make modification to nutrition and hydration and sometimes a mind shift.

We are goal oriented and often recommend multiple therapies with the plan to treat as often as needed with as few visits as possible.  People with chronic issues will need ongoing care—but we like to see how many weeks/months we can get them to be comfortable between treatment. 

If massage/muscular therapy has not worked for you in the past or if you never really considered it as an adjunct therapy to chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine or personal training, give Jeanie Gorski (603-721-9326) or Michele Buckley (978-846-0245) a call to discuss your personal needs.

Get therapeutic massage for the health of it!!

Jeanie Gorski, Licensed Massage Therapist

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Advanced Injury Treatment Center

is located in Bedford, NH in Bedford Heights off of South River Road.  Our patients come from all over Southern New Hampshire and beyond to benefit from our clinic's high quality services.

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